I’ll post this later…

Anyone who has a 16GB iPhone has probably run into the problem of storage management. There are plenty of things that can fill up a small iPhone but my guess is photos are the one thing that gets very out of control very quickly. I ran into this problem recently when I needed to free up some extra space on my phone. I checked to see what was taking up the most space and I found Podcasts and Photos to be taking up an inordinate amount of space.

I was then faced with a dilemma. I didn’t want to delete any Podcast episodes, they were either ones I hadn’t listened to yet, or my favorites I wanted to save. As for the combing through several hundred photos in my Camera Roll, I could think of more tedious things, but not many. Obviously it was the photos that were going to have to go. I still wasn’t looking forward to sorting them though so I needed a way to get them off my phone and put them somewhere safe while I procrastinated the actual sorting. Manually selecting and sharing all those photos didn’t sound appealing either. I could put them in Dropbox but that would run out of space quickly too. There are other online services that offer more storage but I would have to take the time to learn a new service and Apple’s new photo management solutions aren’t out yet. So here is what I came up with.

I turned on the auto-upload feature in the Dropbox app on my phone to start uploading all the photos and videos from the Camera Roll on my phone (on wifi only). Fearing a rapidly filling Dropbox account, I turned to my trusty Mac mini/Hazel for the follow through. So Hazel will be watching my Dropbox folder and whenever new photos are uploaded Hazel will immediately move them into my Photos and Movies folders. I can then safely go in and delete everything in my Camera Roll and save the sorting for later.

This is not an elegant solution. This is quick and easy. Perhaps I can find a way to automatically add these directly to my iPhoto Library but I will put that off untill later…


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